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KHEMIA Joins the Grand Opening Celebration of EMBARC Sacramento!

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With Embarc Sacramento now open, we are very excited to announce that you can find KHEMIA products here today. Stop by and show some love!

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The Spring Equinox Is Upon Us

The Spring Equinox Is Upon Us

Awareness is Key

Being aware of the Earth and the natural forces is key when it comes to plant medicine.

The Spring Equinox is upon us. The changing of the seasons will invite new energy into your space, allowing you to cultivate new ideas and create new opportunities for yourself. It will garnish your spirit with clarity and guide you through the struggles of life. You can rest assured that when you take the time to tap into mother earth, you will realize, she always provides exactly what you need.

Enjoy the Journey You’re On

Working with this beautiful energy isn’t easy, meaning planting your seed and watching it grow isn’t going to speed up the process. So make sure you’re being patient with yourself, and enjoy the journey you’re on.

“A balance of both the highs and the lows, the duality of creation, it’s all here for you to experience.”

While taking a puff of your Watermelon OG Khemia Preroll remember that you are using the very plant medicine the women of the world have used throughout history time and time again to heal, nourish and grow, taking care of themselves first before being able to help others.

Building Community

With our newly acquired S-License, our community is growing, and our Khemia family is getting bigger. Abundance is in the air, can you smell it? We can! And it smells loud…

Partner with Khemia!

Are you someone new to the cannabis industry and need a leg up? With an S-License (Shared Cannabis Manufacturing License) you’ll gain access to our shared manufacturing space at a fraction of the cost of setting up your own. We are now scheduling appointments with potential brand partners!

For more information, please contact:
[email protected]


Support Your Self-Love Journey with Khemia

Support Your Self-Love Journey with Khemia

Enhance Your Day with Self-Love

February is the month of love, the most powerful energy in the universe! Enhance the day by soaking in the wisdom and power of this self-love tip. Simply spark a Khemia THC or CBD preroll and tap into the beautiful sacred container that is your heart space–the center of your being.

Be Fully Present

What is life if not a journey of self-discovery, self-care, and ultimately self-love? Love of one’s self brings confidence. Confidence brings manifestation and enables you to be fully present in the world, without fear. Understand, honor, and share your unique traits, gifts, and personality.

In order to tap into this wisdom we cannot think, we have to feel. Taking a deep breath, drop in from your head space to your heart space, and ask your heart these questions…

  • Am I calling in all I desire?
  • Can I be more kind to myself?
  • Can I be more compassionate?
  • Can I learn instead of criticize?
  • What gifts and talents do I possess and how can I share this with the world?

Take Your Time

Take your time with this self-care exercise and use cannabis to amp up the power of your reflection. Cannabis allows an introspective view, a way to slow down, and open your intuition. You know what is best for you and what is best for your life. Allow yourself to breathe deep, allow yourself to drop in. Trust in yourself and your heart.

I hope that you continue to hold space for self-love. You deserve to create the life you want to live, do not let others steer your ship in their direction. Allow yourself to open, allow the love to flow and the magic to happen.

We’re Here to Help

Mama Ganja will always be there to help you on your journey. Choose our Khemia prerolls if you want to be instantly lifted to the clouds or our Khemia Zen Sips if you want to feel comforted for hours. Turn your light up and shine with Khemia by finding a Khemia dispensary partner in your area!


Leaflink Social Equity Brand Spotlight: Khemia

Leaflink Social Equity Brand Spotlight: Khemia

Leaflink is sharing the stories behind some of their favorite social equity brands. In October, they spoke with Manndie Tingler, Co-Founder and CRO of Khemia, a cannabis brand designed for women and run by a powerful team of female cannabis leaders. Khemia is a female-focused social equity licensed cannabis brand that is on a mission to ensure that legacy operators have a strong position within the ever-expanding cannabis industry.

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Blazing Ahead

Blazing Ahead

Starting a cannabis business from scratch is hard and expensive work. Fortunately, there are two companies in Sacramento working to make things easier for would-be cannabis entrepreneurs.

Infusion Factory, located in a discreet warehouse in South Sac and run by veteran cannabis activist Landon Long, has just about everything a person needs to get their business off the ground. Need a commercial kitchen to make your edibles? Got it. Need fancy new state-compliant packaging? No problem.

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“Mother Company” Creates Opportunities for Women in Cannabis

“Mother Company” Creates Opportunities for Women in Cannabis

Year after year, women-founded businesses capture just 2 to 3 percent of all venture capital dollars in America. The cannabis industry follows the same pattern.

“It is more difficult for women to get investment capital,” says Kimberly Cargile, owner of A Therapeutic Alternative. “Older white gentlemen are taking over this industry, and a lot of racial minorities and women aren’t able to transition.”

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Cannabis Entrepreneur Plans Manufacturing Accelerator in Sacramento

Cannabis Entrepreneur Plans Manufacturing Accelerator in Sacramento

Kimberly Cargile, owner of the cannabis dispensary A Therapeutic Alternative in midtown, is preparing to launch a new venture: a business accelerator in Sacramento that would help small cannabis product manufacturers get off the ground and scale to do business statewide.

The business plan calls for housing up to 30 cannabis manufacturers in a single commercial space, Cargile said. The space would be tailored to help upstart manufacturers of cannabis products — especially ones with therapeutic uses. The accelerator space would provide the businesses with a licensed facility, capital and business development services. In exchange, the accelerator would receive an equity stake in each of the startups.

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