KHEMIA (khem-mee-ah)

The word “khemia” (khem-ee-ah) comes from the root words “chemistry” and “alchemy” in ancient Greek and Arabic. The suffix “mia” is the feminine for the word “mine” in Latin. The name of this brand speaks to its legacy to revive cannabis artistry and preserve cannabis history, through creation of products that work with one’s individual chemistry and alchemy. Furthermore, Khemia revives cannabis artistry and preserves cannabis history through its commitment to work solely with legacy cannabis farmers and manufacturing experts.

Shared Facility Incubator

Are you passionate about the cannabis industry? Do you dream of owning your own company, creating a unique brand, and obtaining a legitimate license? Look no further! Our CA Cannabis Shared Manufacturing Facility offers a comprehensive program designed to empower individuals like you to achieve success in this thriving industry.

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Sustainable Packaging

KHEMIA is an environmentally conscious cannabis brand, from beyond organic, sustainable, and regenerative farming practices to compostable packaging. We carefully select each flower for specific effects and symptom relief, giving you the ability to cater to your body’s natural chemistry.

Our flower comes from experienced legacy cultivators throughout Northern California, where love, care and appreciation for the healing properties of cannabis are infused in each plant.

We are passionate about education and work to provide a roadmap for everyone’s personal cannabis journey. Our products include a wide variety of CBD and THC ratios, making it easy to find a product that will work for your needs.


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