Artisanal Cannabis Flower

Take a moment for yourself. Are you in need of a relaxing headspace, a self-care ritual, a creative outlet? Khemia’s artisanal cannabis products are sun-grown & sustainably harvested for an authentic experience you can trust. We carefully select each flower for specific effects and symptom relief, giving you the ability to cater to your body’s natural chemistry. We partner with experienced legacy cultivators throughout Northern California, where love, care, and appreciation for the healing properties of cannabis are infused in each plant.

Premium Full-Flower Pre-Rolls

Khemia pre-rolls are made with carefully selected artisanal quality cannabis flower, packaged with 100% sustainable materials.


Rose Petal Pre-Rolls

Imagine yourself with a sweet cherry and chocolate flavor then add the aroma of rose petals. Yes! You can treat yourself to luxury every day, Made from Kimbo Kush and Cherry pie, this Indica-dominant Strain is unmatched. Great for relaxed environments, this Cherry Cheesecake Rose Pre-Roll will relax the body and the mind allowing you to focus on the task at hand. Perfect for socializing with friends, seeing a movie, or visiting an art gallery. The Cherry Cheesecake Rose Pre-Roll can be added to the enjoyment of your everyday life. This strain was grown by Sonoma Hill Farms, pesticide free and kissed by the California Sun. How can it get better than this?

Khemia Zen Sips™Infused Beverage Mixes

Khemia Zen Sips are delicious THC + CBD infused beverage mixers which are perfect for taking on the go. Khemia takes pride in everything they do, our drink mixers are vegan, gluten-free, have zero added sugars, and are low Calorie!


Celebration Gift Packs

Marshmallows & cocoa is a no-brainer, but we couldn’t let it be just any marshmallow! Khemia and Mellows have joined forces with the Khemia Celebration Gift Pack. Whether it's a special occasion or time to unwind at the end of the day, the Celebration Gift Pack gives you a reason to smile! Grab your favorite mug and add our 10mg Cosmic Cocoa to your choice of warm milk. Top it off with the buttery goodness of a 5g THC Birthday Cake Mellow and sip into a state of zen! Because you deserve more, we've included a Khemia Full Moon pre-roll. Sweet-smelling, buzzy, and uplifting to compliment your day. The Celebration Gift-pack is the perfect experience to give that special person in your life, even if that special person is you!