Women of Weed

What do Kourney Kardashian, Martha Stewart, Sarah Silverman and Khemia CRO Manndie Tingler have in common?



Well, they were all listed as Women & Weed’s Top 10 People to Know in Cannabis this month!

A little about our CRO Manndie Tingler….


Manndie Tingler knows and understands people. She builds heartfelt and authentic relationships with almost everyone she meets. She is also upbeat, energetic and doesn’t miss a thing.

Manndie is a recognized cannabis industry leader with over 13 years of marketing, sales, business development, and operations leadership. She served as Director of Business Development at Papa&Barkley and spearheaded the Northern California sales expansion, facilitating one of the largest cannabis brand ambassador programs in the state, and also facilitated the start of their new business to business wholesale program. Manndie also brings to Khemia her experience as a business development consultant and coach, bringing to life a variety of startup brands in the cannabis space and developing go to market sales and marketing strategies. Some of these brands include Spacestation, Kikoko, Natura, Continuum and Viv& Oak. She holds a BA in Psychology, Minor in NonProfit Business, and an MS in Marriage, Child, and Family Counseling. She serves on the National Cannabis Industry Association Board of Directors, is the President of the Kriya Society, VP of the Eden Gathering, and President of Cannamommy.org. She is also an active member of California Growers Association, and the California Cannabis Industry Association

Manndie connects with KHEMIA by being a voice for advocacy and strength for the cannabis community, helping support others to achieve their dreams and highest potential.